Mary Davis Visits Waterford Club

Mary Davis, the CEO of Special Olympics International, visited the Waterford club recently. On the night, Mary met our Floorball team who were training in the Crystal Sports Centre.

Mary Davis is the Chief Executive Officer of Special Olympics. She has been a longtime leader within the Special Olympics movement and currently leads an international team of over 250 professionals throughout the world.

Mary started with Special Olympics soon after college as a local program volunteer and coach. Since then, she accomplished a great deal in a series of leadership roles, including:

  • Being an integral member of the team that created Special Olympics’ first-ever Regional Games, the 1985 Special Olympics European Games.
  • Building a powerful national program as CEO of Special Olympics Ireland.
  • Globalizing the movement as CEO of the first Special Olympics World Summer Games held outside the US, the 2003 Games in Ireland.
  • Serving as President & Managing Director of Europe Eurasia for eight years.

Davis was awarded a Person of the Year Award for her work on the 2003 World Summer Games and her years of service with Special Olympics Ireland.

Mary Davis pictured with our Floorball team and coach Emmett O’Toole.